Dear Satorians. We truly appreciate your loyalty and support throughout the years. We thank you for being a part of the journey.


SATOXCOIN (SATOX) is primarily about the safety and privacy of you and your funds. With this, you and your funds will always remain anonymous. We believe that only PoW GPU based blockchains are truly decentralized and free of censorship.
Everyone should have opportunity to participate mining SATOX in post 2022, so SATOX will always be a PoW oriented chain.
The SATOX projects primary mission is to implement PoG, but only in split consensus with POW. The idea of a digital currency or cryptocurrency was founded with concept of POW mining, and SatoX will remain so.
For now, implementing features, such as Play2Earn on game-servers like Minecraft is in progress, but absolute POW / POG consensus is the ultimate goal.
SATOX uses the KAWPOW algorithm. Most people associate this algorithm with Ravencoin and knowing the nature behind KAWPOW and its robust ASIC resistance. We chose this algorithm for this reason and to provide a fully decentralized way for everyone who are mining. As mentioned above.
Read our Whitepaper here!