P2E - SignUp

Requirments to SignUp to SATOX Play2Earn Platform

  • 1 SATOX Core Wallet address with 20K SATOX in it (at all times)

  • 1 Steam ID


The bot will display the amount of spots available.

Step 1.) Install Satox Core Wallet + Generate receiving address

Install SATOX Core Wallet

ONLY use SATOX Core Wallet for SATOX Play2Earn Platform!

Download the latest release


Install and sync wallet ( wait until status bar is done)

Depending on your connection or equipment, this can take different amounts of time to complete.

Generate receiving address

File >> Receiving addresses >> New >> Copy

Copy and save your "SATOX Core Address" where you can easily find it, for example in a text document, you will need it later.

Send 20 000 SATOX coins to your new address

There are several different ways to get the 20k SATOX

needed to be able to use the SATOX P2E platform.

A.) Buy $SATOX

From a Exchange that have SATOX listed.

B.) Mine $SATOX

Visit https://miningpoolstats.stream/satoxcoin and follow the instructions provided on the pools.

C.) Do tasks to get $SATOX

Do tasks on Discord and participate in airdrops

Join our Discord server : https://discord.com/invite/GFZYFuuHVq

Send 20K SATOX coins to your address ✅

Step 2.) Find your Steam ID

Login to your Steam account : https://store.steampowered.com/

Find your Steam ID

Only use this Steam ID shown in this tutorial. Using any other form of ID will result in a mismatch and the system itself cannot assign your account properly.

Public Profile

Set all your Steam Profile settings to "Public" or this system will not work correctly.

Step 3.) SignUp

Enter the SATOX Core Address you generated, and your Steam ID: XXXXXXXXXXXX

Click "Submit".

You will be redirected to the STEAM login page.

Login with your User / Password /2FA ( If you have it )

After you have logged in to STEAM.

Click "Sign In" and you will get redirected to https://xplore.satoverse.io


This is how you start earning rewards:

  • Open the Steam Launcher and PLAY your favorite game, don't look at the status page until you have played for a few hours, as it will not show correct info.

Frequently Asked Questions

What games can I play?

Why don't my status update?

  • Set all your Steam Profile settings to "Public".

  • You need to play games for at lest 45-60 min before the system updates on https://xplore.satoverse.io/rewards

  • If the status is not updated after 60 min , clear your browser cache.

I have played for X hours and got no rewards, why ?

  • Alot of users forget to start the game from the Steam launcher, but instead uses the games own launcher or shortcut to the game from there Windows Desktop, this will not work.

Can my wife and I have two addresses in the same wallet?

No problem, as long as both addresses have 20k SATOX in each addess and are

connected to two different Steam IDs.

I have 20K in my exchange address why can't I use that?

You can, but the exchanges don't like people mining to there wallets,

  • Your wallet can be frozen

  • Depending on the exchange minimum deposit rules, you might even lose your rewards

  • Check Exchange's terms of service and fees, if you're unlucky, the fees can eat up all the rewards before you even get them.

  • Question is, is it worth it, taking the chance of losing coins when you dont have to?

How do I change address linked to my Steam ID?

Join us on Discord: https://discord.com/invite/GFZYFuuHVq

  • Visit the channel #tickets

  • Type: !ticket and follow the ticketbot instructions.

Remember if there's no open spots in the P2E system, you can't rejoin until there is a spot available.

Check for open spots

The bot will display the amount of spots available.

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