Run full node in Windows

Why run a full node?

A fully set up node keeps track of the blockchain while the miners validate the blocks. This is required in order for the network to sync and run.

By running a full node, you are helping to secure the network. Best of all, running a node requires minimal hardware and can run on most modern computers/miners. Doing this, enables the wallets to sync up faster with the network itself.


1) Download and install the "SatoXcoin Core Wallet" for Windows.

4) Once Fully Synced, navigate to "Wallet" > "Options…" Select "Main" tab> Check the box for "Start SatoXcoin Core on system login". > "OK" to finish.

Navigate to "Wallet" > "Options…" Select "Window" tab> Check the box "Hide tray icon" and "Minimize on close".

"OK" to finish.

This sets up your SatoX Core Wallet to auto-start during boot and minimize in the background every time you start your PC, by doing this, your wallet will always be up and running and synced.

5.) Navigate to Wallet > Options > Select Network tab> check the box "Map port using UPnP" >

"OK" to finish.

Congratulations! 🎉 Your node is now fully up and running!

Verify that your full node is working correctly

To verify, navigate to Tools > Information.

Your full node should have both incoming connections and outgoing connections (it may take up to 15 minutes for incoming connections).

In the example below, we have 0 incoming and 6 outgoing connections (In: 0 / Out: 3).

Open Ports

p2p port=60777 rpc port=7777

If your equipment does not allow incoming connections using UPnP, you may need to allow incoming connections through opening the ports in the router/firewall, please read the instructions for your equipment.


We are thankful you support the Satoxcoin Network, running a full node can be very simple and benefits all of us, this way we keep the network secure and it will make the wallets faster to sync for everyone.

Please share with your fellow Satorians!

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