P2E - Account Status

User marked as "Inactive"

This only happens if you never earned any rewards in this SATOX P2E Platform.

When a user is marked as "Inactive", it means there has been "No activity on their account for 14 days since signing up".

The P2E system will automatically categorize the account as inactive, adding it to a dedicated inactivity list.

If your account is on the list, the system will release your spot, allowing another user to seize the opportunity to earn rewards on numerous STEAM games.

To regain access, users must submit a ticket in the Discord server to the Knights and Guards, who review and may remove the account from the list.

After you are removed, you need to signup again.

Remember if there's no open spots in the P2E system, you can't rejoin until there is a spot available.

The P2E platform offers an exclusive chance to earn Satoxcoin ($SATOX) for FREE.

We encourage users to value this opportunity, as only a limited number of spots are released each day. With over 1030+ games verified to reward users in $SATOX, our P2E platform stands out among others.

User marked as "Bot" (Cheater)

In cases where users play excessively without breaks,if the system or our Knights and Guards recognizes potential cheating, will your account be marked as "Bot". Clear traces of cheating on a Steam profile may lead to the user being marked as a "Bot."

SATOX P2E enforces strict anti-cheat measures to ensure the system remains fair for honest gamers.

Create a support ticket

  • Join our oficial Discord server : https://discord.com/invite/GFZYFuuHVq

  • Visit the channel #tickets ( type: !ticket and follow the instructions)

  • Wait for the Knights and Guards to take your support ticket.

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