TIP.cc bot is the worlds biggest crypto Discord bot out there.

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Introduction to tip.cc

tip.cc is a bot that allows you to tip and make payments to any Discord user with your favorite cryptocurrency.

See $currencies for a full list of 589 cryptocurrencies it supports!

tip.cc is free to use. Tips are free of fees. The only fees are the withdrawal network fees, required by every cryptocurrency, and deposit fees for some. We don't influence or regulate those fees.

tip.cc is easy to use.

$tip @pform $1 โ€“ that's how simple sending crypto is. You can even send tips and payments like 3 BTC, one cup of coffee and a donut, half a pizza or 2 months of discord nitro โ€” tip.cc will understand and convert your tip! See $monikers for a list of the values supported. See the Wallet page for more information on tips. If you don't have any cryptocurrency, try $faucet to receive a small amount to play with.

tip.cc is a cryptocurrency investor's and miner's best friend. tip.cc is not only for tipping. It comes with a set of extra commands every investor and miner will appreciate. Try commands like $ticker satox for pricing information of any currency, or $pools or $mining for mining stats.

tip.cc powers many communities. Join one of many public servers running tip.cc - use the $servers command to view the server catalog, join and get rewarded for your activity!

Use the buttons below to navigate.

Read more about the tip.cc at there homepage.

Check balance

$bal satox/ $balance satoxโ€‹ ( shows your only your satox balance )

$bals/ $balances [conversion] ( shows your total wallet balance )

Displays confirmed balances for all your accounts with an optional conversion balances balances eur โ€‹


$deposit satoxโ€‹


To start a withdraw open a DM to @tip.cc ( tip.cc#7731 )

$withdraw satox ( Follow the instructions )

You can also send a picture of a QR code via a DM to the bot to have it scanned and the payment details filled out.

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