Group transactions

Introduction: Grouping transactions in your Satoxcore Core wallet is a feature that provides enhanced security, reduce transaction fees or to organize related transactions. This feature allows you to consolidate multiple transactions into a single transaction, streamlining your wallet's activity.

Reasons to Group Transactions:

Privacy Enhancement: Grouping transactions helps obscure the origin and destination of funds, making it more challenging for external parties to trace your transactions.

Cost Savings: Combining multiple transactions into one reduces the overall transaction fee. This is particularly advantageous during periods of high network congestion or when transaction fees are variable.

Organizing Transactions: Grouping transactions enables you to organize and categorize related payments or transfers, making it easier to track and manage your financial activity.

Too Many Small Transactions (Miners / Play2Earn users): When you have too many transactions, you can encounter an error stating that the transaction is too large. This is not referring to the amount of coins; rather, it is related to the number of small transactions within the wallet address. The solution is simple: group them together.

Core Wallet Slow and Temporarily Frozen: Grouping transactions will make your wallet.dat file much smaller and speed it up.

Issues Signing Up for SATOX P2E: If you have 20k on your wallet address but still get an insufficient funds error when signing up for SATOX P2E, it may be because your coins are spread across different wallet addresses. Follow the instructions to send them to your P2E address.

How to Group Transactions:

  1. Open your Satoxcoin Core Wallet:

    • Launch the Satoxcoin Core wallet on your computer.

  2. Activate Coin Control:

    • Go to menu >> Wallet >> Options >> Wallet >> Enable coin control features.

    • Don't forget to save; click OK. (Now restart the Satoxcoin Core Wallet.)

  3. Open the Coin Control:

    • Click Send on the side menu >> Inputs >>

    • In "Tree Mode" you can see how many transactions you have in one address.

    • Click the small arrow > to see all transactions in one address.

    • If you have fewer than 280 transactions in one address, click in the box.

    • If you have more than 280 transactions in one address, you need to split up the groupings to fewer than 280 transactions each time you do it.

    • Click OK and follow the instructions.

    • (If you plan on signing up for SATOX P2E platform, this is where you send the grouped transaction to the receiving address you have planned to use with your STEAM account.)

Conclusion: Grouping transactions in your Satoxcoin Core wallet is a practical way to enhance privacy, save on transaction fees, and organize your financial activity. Whether you're a privacy-conscious user or simply looking for efficient wallet management, leveraging this feature can contribute to a more seamless and cost-effective experience. Always triple-check the address to ensure you send the coins to the correct address.

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