Sync wallet with a Bootstrap

What is a bootstrap?

A bootstrap is a backup of the SATOXCOIN blockchain.

Visit and download the latest bootstrap.

There is 2 versions of the bootstrap:

For standard user, download the version "without-txindex".

For users thats want to run an explorer or other services, download the version "txindex".

Use WinRAR to extract the compressed files.

The bootstrap contains 2 folders:

  • blocks

  • chainstate

Extract the files to your Satoxcoin folder:

Location of file in Windows: %AppData%\satoxcoin\

Location of file in Linux: ~/.satoxcoin/

You need to overwrite the old folders with the new, when that is done.

Restart the Satoxcoin Core Wallet and you have just saved yourself from syncing 1+ year of blocks.

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