Multiple SATOX Wallets

Do you have the need to open multiple SATOX Core wallets?


  • Open Windows Explorer ( CTRL + E)

In the address bar, type %appdata%/satoxcoin ( Press Enter)

In this example we have two wallets.

  • wallet.dat

  • wifes-wallet.dat

A tip is to have the wallets in the same folder so you don't have to type long paths.

Create a shortcut to your existing satoxcoin-qt.exe.

Right click on the newly created shortcut and click on "Properties".

  • In the path to the program we add : -wallet=wifes-wallet.dat

  • Click "Apply" then "OK".

Now we are done!, just start the new wallet by launching the new shortcut.

So now you can easily change your wallet by closing your default wallet, and opening the new one with the shortcut or vice versa.


Add your extra / new wifes-wallet.dat to the .satoxcoin/ folder located in your home directory

cp wifes-wallet.dat ~/.satoxcoin/

Now you can just run satoxcoin-qt -wallet=wifes-wallet.dat to open the new wallet.

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