This page will give a brief explanation and answers on how this game works.

This page will be a quick explanation on how the game itself works.

If you haven't joined our Discord channel (Which I do recommend) please click on the link down below to join our Discord, where our game is located. You can find this game under the "Games" text channel named #satoxgame (The name might change in the future but, it will still remain in the same section)

Link to our Discord: (Be sure to register with our #satoxtip bot before playing, so a wallet address can be generated)

About the game: The game itself is very simple, the main objective here is to fight monsters and of course, end up victorious. In here, you and other who might join you on this adventure, can slay the monsters together. But beware, the monsters themselves are powerful and will not go down so easily so be prepared!

So, how do you fight these monsters?

You, of course have to join the channel itself and wait for a battle to appear, once a monster appears, it will appear with the bot generating a "monster card"

As you can see here, a fight has appeared and you need to get ready and fight it, either alone or with others. There will be a sword appearing right below the card itself that you have to click in order to fight the monster.

Once you have defeated a monster, this image will appear:

However, sometimes the monster is just too strong and you won't be able to defeat it. So this image will pop up:

The battle ended in a defeat, but better luck next time!

Special events:

Sometimes, the shop opens up where you can buy stuff with your SatoX coins, this can be healing potions, shields, dragons and more... So don't hesitate to buy the items needed for future battles. Provided you got the cash to spend on!

A list of commands: A list of commands can be found by typing in "!h" in chat. (Without ")

This is all for now! Enjoy! Any user found to be cheating or scripting SatoxHeroes will be removed from the Discord page.

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