P2E - Troubleshoot

Minimum amount of 20,000 SATOX is not held in wallet.

There are several different ways to get the 20k SATOX

needed to be able to use the SATOX P2E platform.

A.) Buy $SATOX

From a Exchange that have SATOX listed.

B.) Mine $SATOX

Visit https://miningpoolstats.stream/satoxcoin and follow the instructions provided on the pools.

C.) Do tasks to get $SATOX

Do tasks on Discord and participate in airdrops

Join our Discord server : https://discord.com/invite/GFZYFuuHVq

Send 20K SATOX coins to your address

Sorry, signups are currently closed.

Open Spots to the P2E Platform

Our system will release open spots multiple times everyday, all you need to do is, keep your eyes open.

To check if theres any open spots go to: ⁠🤖▹p2ebot and type !p2eSpots

If you see open spots, hurry and signup using the instructions under.

Please read the Instruction before you signup.

Most common questions is answers in this documentation.

Status is not updating on reward / stats page


  • No Username ( it shows your Steam ID )

  • No Avatar / Profile Picture ( Shows SATOX Default logo )

Public Profile

Status showing wrong game ?

Relax, it doesn't matter what game it shows,as long it shows "Currently In-Game" it works, just keep playing and you will be rewarded, the refresh intervals are 50-60 minutes, just ignore what the game shows, as long as it shows "Currently In-Game" game it's fine.

Clean browser cache

  • Set all your Steam Profile settings to "Public" or this system will not work correctly.

  • You need to play games for at least 50-60 min before the system updates

  • If the status is not updated after 60 min , clear your browser cache

  • Give the system some time and keep playing

  • If it still doesn't work, relogin on STEAM

Games need to be run from inside the STEAM launcher

Remember, this system use your STEAM profile, the game needs to be registered on your profile, if the game is not visible it will not work correct.

Don't start the game with the shortcut on your Desktop, start the game inside the STEAM launcher.

Why do I get "Search found no result for: " when I check my newly created wallet in the explorer?

Answer: Your wallet is new, its empty!!!

You havn't received any rewards to your wallet, its empty!!!

You haven't transferred any coins to that address, its empty!!!

Why cant I use my exchange address for Mining / P2E

The Exchange may:

  • Exit scam

  • Get Hacked

  • Change deposit address

  • Go on maintenance

  • Change the minimum payment

  • Prohibit mining on the exchange wallet

  • Have minimum deposit of 100+ satox

( this means they keep all the satox deposits under)

(If you still think you are the smart, and do this anyway, good luck)

I want to change my SATOX address

Step 1. ) Visit : https://xplore.satoverse.io/changeme

Step 2.) Login in STEAM.

Step 3.) Follow the instructions and change your address.

I signed up, now my account is deleted

Reasons you could get removed / kicked

  • You didn't verify your STEAM account correctly

  • You haven't been active for a long time

Next time trying to signup, please follow the >>>>> instructions <<<<<

Remember if there's no open spots in the P2E system, you cant rejoin until there is a spot available.

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