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SATOX Play2Earn Update

The SATOX Team is implementing important changes to the participation conditions in the Play-to-Earn (P2E) system. Starting from 09/02/24, participants are required to load a minimum of 20,000 SATOX into their registered wallet address to be eligible for Satoxcoin rewards during gaming sessions.

This adjustment aims to safeguard the system from excessive empty registrations and to filter out individuals who are not genuinely interested in supporting the project. Users who fail to maintain a minimum balance of 20,000 SATOX in their wallets will not only be ineligible for rewards but will also be deleted from the platform.

Exciting news for dedicated holders:

Difficulty level will decrease! This enhancement is designed to benefit loyal participants of the SATOX community.

Additional Information:

In line with these changes, the SATOX Team announces that for a period of 3 days following this update, new participants must ensure they have a minimum balance in their wallets to be eligible for rewards.

After this initial 3-day period, a system purge will be executed, removing any accounts with a balance below 20,000 SATOX.

This proactive measure ensures that the SATOX P2E system remains fair, secure, and rewarding for those who actively contribute to and believe in the project.

Thank you for your continued support!

(Written as of 11th of Feb 2024)

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